More Violence in Egypt: Two Dozen Christians Killed in Riots

Posted by on October 11, 2011 in News | 2 comments

More Violence in Egypt: Two Dozen Christians Killed in Riots

Just days after St. George’s Church in Egypt was burned to the ground, thousands of Egyptian Christians are now left to deal with the aftermath of last Sunday’s riots that killed at least 24 believers and injured 200 others.

More than 1,000 Christians, who were protesting the church burning by staging a peaceful demonstration in front of a TV station in Cairo, were violently assaulted when attackers began throwing stones and firing pellets at them. Although security forces arrived on the scene when the confrontation escalated, eyewitness reports claim that a military vehicle ran over at least 10 of the protesters and that soldiers began firing at them. According to other witnesses, the protesters then retaliated by attacking the soldiers with rocks and bottles.

The ensuing violence lasted for hours before security eventually fired tear gas into the crowd.
Egypt’s minority Christian population has been subjected to intense persecution in recent months, which has escalated since former president Hosni Mubarak stepped down from office in February. Since Mubarak’s resignation, many believe that the Egyptian government has failed to adequately protect Christians and prosecute those who incite acts of violence against them.

Life has become especially dangerous for Christians in Egypt, but one of the greatest things we can always do for our persecuted brethren is to pray. Pray that political reform will help ensure more security for the Christian community in Egypt; pray for the families of those who were killed in Sunday’s riots; and pray for the safety of believers throughout the country. Most of all, please remember to pray that our fellow Christians will stand strong in the face of adversity and that their testimonies will bring others to Christ in Muslim-dominated Egypt.