Egyptian Christians Kidnapped, Attacked; Panic, Fear Abounds

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Fear is spreading throughout many regions in Egypt as Christians become the recent victims of numerous kidnappings and attacks by fundamental Muslims.

CFI’s co-worker in the region recently reported that three Christian doctors have been kidnapped in El Minya, and three more doctors have received threats by telephone.

Another report indicates that four Coptic Christians have been kidnapped in the cities of Qena and Nag Hammadi. In Nag Hammadi, the Christians were taken as churchgoers were gathered around the Church of the Archangel Naga Hammadi, after the attackers set fire to two nearby cars and attempted to burn down the church.

Sadly, not even children are exempt from violence and persecution. CFI’s co-worker has also reported that, in the village of El Matiyah in Upper Egypt, a Muslim mob has been extorting money from Christian residents and kidnapping their children for ransom.

“Every day, the Muslims threaten Christians in this village and there is no protection for Christians there,” says CFI’s co-worker.

But Christians are not just fearful of kidnapping. In the village of Meet Bashar, two Christians were recently murdered by Muslims who burned Christian homes and the local church.

CFI encourages everyone to pray for these persecuted brothers and sisters whose lives remain in grave danger in Egypt.

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  1. seems as if we as Americans (Christians) forget our middleeastern people of faith

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