Emergency Prayer Request from Bangladesh

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Emergency Prayer Request from Bangladesh

Dear Friend,
We received the following urgent request for help from our co-worker in Bangladesh. Please pray for this sister in Christ and do as the Lord leads you.

“Greetings from Bangladesh.

Hope you are doing good by His grace.

Ms. Rabeya is a Muslim convert to Christ and is a member of Immanuel Church of Lal Monir District where Pastor Lablu Siddik Lenin is ministering. She has been suffering from an ovary condition for two years. The day before yesterday she suddenly became senseless and got admitted into a hospital.

Now the doctor says she must go for surgery. It is very urgent that she has the surgery. But she and her family is unable to bear the medical costs. The hospital says it will cost $1,100 for the surgery complete treatment. If the treatment is not done because of lack of money, her life will be at risk.

We may loss one sister in Christ.

Muslims neighbors are telling her and her family that she got this disease for converting into Christianity.

I am earnestly requesting you to pray for Ms. Rabeya and help her to recover her health. She is an assistant to the Sunday School of Immanuel church.”