Run for the Persecuted

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CFI supporter Ian Wright will head up the “Run for the Persecuted” in the New York City Marathon on November 7, 2010.

Wright intends to raise at least $17,000 to help complete construction of CFI’s Bible School in Mae Hon Son, Thailand. He is seeking 2,000 sponsors to support him in the 26-mile marathon, claiming that if each contributor donates $1 for every mile of the race, the funds would far exceed the total amount needed to complete the Bible School’s construction.

“By running every mile of the marathon, we know we are making a big difference in kids’ lives,” says Wright. “This is an opportunity for people to get behind this marathon and partner with us in running it. I feel that we need to stand up, stand out, and help these kids with no voice.”

Wright is a financial and PR assistant to Bluetree, an Irish Christian rock band most known for their popular hit song, “God of This City.” The band has also become an outspoken supporter of CFI and the persecuted church in recent months, after visiting CFI’s “Crisis in Burma” tent exhibition at the Big Ticket Festival in Michigan last summer.

CFI’s Bible School has helped improve the lives of persecuted young men and women for the past several years, acting as a spiritual training ground for dozens of ethnic Karenni youth who are equipping themselves with the necessary tools to one day become strong Christian leaders within their communities in Burma. Funds raised in November’s “Race for the Persecuted” will not only help complete the school’s construction, but could potentially help many other persecuted students receive a quality Christian education.

Please watch Bluetree’s and Wright’s video promotion for the marathon, below. Donations for the “Run for the Persecuted” can be made here.


  1. I’m so excited for you and know that you will get the support needed!

  2. Thanks for support Doreen! Check out our Facebook page for up to date details.

  3. I will pray for this event to go well! Iam hoping may people will change their hearts and provide! I wish I could and I wish i had some money to spare but i guess God wants others to take part in this! Praise God and all the best to u

  4. I would be interested in learning more about the Bible school being built for the kids, and about possibly opportunities regarding working with that situation.

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