Thank You for Your Support!

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Thank You for Your Support!

We recently asked for prayer and support for a persecuted Pakistani refugee woman living in the slums of Bangkok who was due to deliver her baby last Thursday. As it turned out she had to have a caesarean section to safely deliver the child. They would not have been able to do so without the means to pay for the extra medical care and support. Thank God, with your help, mother and baby are well.

These Pakistani refugees fled persecution in Pakistan with the understanding that they would be able to be granted asylum in a free country only to be left to fend for themselves in the slums of Bangkok, Thailand with no assistance from the U.N.

The following is a letter of thanks from the woman’s husband…

Thank You Letter to CFI for Baby-Delivery

Friday, March 31, 2017 – 13:27

Respected CFI,

On behalf of my wife and kids we thank you wholeheartedly, that you took immediate action on our urgent appeal.

With your provided help, we had excellent diet for my wife till her delivery. Apart from that Sir Nehemiah stayed a call away anytime of the day, took us back and forth from hospital to home and paid the doctors and hospitals expenses. Whenever we needed you, you stood with us. You have helped us in this difficult time like an exemplary true friend.

Today, at 31-03-2017 at 5:09 pm God bestowed us with a healthy and beautiful son.

We will always be in prayer for you. May the Lord blesses you abundantly and continue using you for His glory.

Faithfull, Sajjad Chand (Father)