The Oppressed World

Developing Christian Leaders

In Thailand, CFI has seized the opportunity to increase our level of assistance to Christian refugee students from Burma through our Huai Kalok Bible Institute. Though our School has the capacity for 100 students, at this time we are limited by funding to 22 students.

Christian Freedom International’s Huai Kalok Bible Institute students silk-screening t-shirts to sell through our micro enterprise program

The Huai Kalok Bible Institute, our core Ministry to the Christian refugees of Burma, is a haven to these severely oppressed young brethren. At HBI, students can live in safety as they gain a structured knowledge of the Word of God. They study academics, computer, financial management, vocational training, agriculture and livestock management. Students enjoy sports and music programs as they train to become pastors, evangelists, missionaries, worship leaders, church assistants.

In addition to HBI, our program to develop Christian leaders includes asylum aid, resettlement assistance, and scholarships to persecuted Christians from countries such as Pakistan and Burma.