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It’s a tragic fact that millions of people throughout the world suffer unspeakable hardships because of their faith in Jesus Christ…and what’s just as tragic is the fact that millions of other believers live their lives each day, unaware of the cruel and often inhumane persecution being endured by their Christian brothers and sisters.

CFI’s mission is to aid those who are suffering for their faith and to spread the word about the Persecuted Church in a variety of ways:

Church Partnerships. CFI visits churches around the world to educate and inform other Christians about the realities of persecution, and to encourage congregations to partner with us in our mission to assist the Persecuted Church;

Petition Campaigns. CFI frequently launches petition drives on behalf of persecuted believers. CFI frequently contacts members of Congress and other policymakers on behalf of the Persecuted Church;

Asylum Cases. Each year, CFI receives requests from believers who are fleeing persecution in various countries. With God’s help, CFI president Jim Jacobson has served as an expert witness and provided critical testimony in asylum cases on behalf of persecuted believers in countries such as China, Iran, Bangladesh, and Pakistan;

Festivals and Conventions. CFI is always searching for dynamic opportunities to share the news of the Persecuted Church at festivals and conventions throughout the United States. In June 2009, CFI unveiled the “Crisis in Burma” tent display at the Big Ticket Concert in Gaylord, Michigan. This interactive exhibit, which tells the compelling stories of four Karen and Karenni refugee children and their flight from persecution, drew in over 1,000 visitors at the festival and provided an innovative method for CFI to spread the word about its mission;

Outreach. CFI continues to educate and inform other concerned Christians about the Persecuted Church through its monthly newsletter and on this website. In addition, CFI president Jim Jacobson is frequently a guest on national radio programs, which also provides an important outlet for spreading CFI’s message about the Persecuted Church.

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