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A quality education can be the key to a student’s future ability to support oneself and family, but even a basic education can be out of reach for someone living under persecution. Through education, persecuted Christians become empowered to help break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness, and are encouraged to help educate and empower others as they learn invaluable work and life skills.
CFI’s ministry has made the long-term investment in the lives of struggling believers through a variety of educational opportunities:

Huai Kalok Bible Institute. CFI’s attractive dormitory located in Mae Sot, Thailand provides a nurturing home for Karen and Karenni refugee students. They learn important vocational skills such as weaving, sewing, and computers in addition to English, Bible, and other studies. As the former CFI Vocational School, HBI continues to be a training ground for dozens of persecuted students, preparing them to grow into positions of leadership in their homeland communities;

Educational Support to Sunday School Students.
Our CFI child sponsorship program in Bangladesh allows Christian children to attend school who would not otherwise be able to do so. Typically, Christian children do not have the opportunity for an education because their parents have difficulty finding work, or have been fired from their jobs, once it is discovered that they are Christian. The parents often resort to hiring out as “day labor” in the fields, and need every able-bodied family member to work as well—just to feed themselves day to day. With the support of our sponsors, the families are able to spare the children from the fields (or other manual labor) and provide tuition, uniforms, schools supplies, and other necessities;

Preparing to Serve. Beginning in 2007, Karen and Karenni students from various CFI Schools and programs in Burma have had the opportunity to resettle to America. CFI has assisted some of these former refugee students to prepare to return to Burma as the next generation of pastors, teachers, and medics by providing scholarships and educational assistance;
Scholarships for Persecuted Christian Students. CFI has been blessed to be able to help relocate and provide advanced education scholarships to Christian students who escaped the daily dangers of life for a Christian in Pakistan;

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