Medical Care


Support our medical relief outreach

Far too many persecuted Christians suffer unnecessarily from poor health. These individuals live for months without the most basic medical care, and are truly endangered when they urgently need medicines and essential treatments. Grinding poverty, lack of access to medical care, and even the deliberate denial of medical aid by governmental authorities can be devastating -and deadly– for helpless Christians and their communities in many restrictive nations.

CFI’s medical outreach is providing life-saving supplies and services to suffering Christians:

  • Burma, through deliveries of medicines and other health essentials to assist suffering Karen and Karenni refugees and villagers;
  • India, with aid to the Christian refugees in Orissa, and by reaching out to the shunned lepers in the “forgotten” colonies;
  • Bangladesh, through CFI’s Center for the Blind and Disabled in Dhaka.
  • Laos, where medical and dental teams provide the Gospel message of hope as well as treatment for dozens of isolated villagers;
  • Pakistan, where CFI provides assistance to brickyard laborers;
  • Medical care to our indigenous co-workers and the Christians we serve such as burn treatments, emergency surgery, pregnancy care, cancer treatments, deformity correction treatments, malaria treatments, and dietary deficiency treatments, to name a few.

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