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Contribute to worldwide emergency needs

It is difficult to answer the question, “Where is the greatest need?”

Christian Freedom International is constantly faced with how to most effectively meet the needs of the persecuted Church around the world.

In most of the countries where Christian Freedom International is working, we could easily double or triple our efforts and impact if we had the resources to do so. For example:

  • In Egypt, the violent Muslim attacks on Christian individuals, families, villages, and businesses continue –and worsen; kidnappings of Christian children and young women occur daily, and are mostly unreported by the mainstream media; and the climate of abuse toward Christians is tolerated and even approved by those in authority. Christians in Egypt desperately need support and encouragement from their global brethren.
  • In Bangladesh, dozens of pastors and evangelists struggle to safely provide Scripture, a place of worship, and basic needs for their congregations, as well as outreach to their communities.
  • In Burma, hundreds of Karen Christians facing genocidal persecution are in need of emergency and medical care each month and yet we have had to cut back on some of our operations there because of lack of funds.
  • In India, Christian communities are frequently attacked and destroyed by maddened mobs of militant Hindus. Families are left homeless refugees; exposed to poverty, disease, hunger, and the desolation of both heart and home.
  • In Indonesia and Vietnam, scores of Christians are in prison for their faith and their families need basic supplies to survive from day to day.
  • In Pakistan, there are thousands of Christian families slaving in brickyards in need of medicine, Bibles, food, and education for their children.

In addition to the hostile political and cultural climates many Christians endure, there is always the threat of natural climate emergencies as well. Families living in perpetual poverty are ill-equipped to deal with typhoon, cyclone, flood, and fire. CFI turns down 2 out of 3 requests for emergency help due to lack of funds. It is your generous support to help where the need is greatest that enables us to act quickly when urgent needs arise in the persecuted Church.

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