Support our humanitarian relief efforts

CFI has provided emergency and ongoing humanitarian relief for needy Christians affected by war, persecution, and natural disasters:

  • resources of food, clean drinking water, medicine, and other emergency recovery aid to victims of Cyclone Nargis in Burma, and Cyclone Aila in Bangladesh;
  • emergency aid of food and supplies for villagers burnt–out and displaced by the repressive military regime inside Burma.
  • emergency aid and support to the Christian victims of Hindu attacks who fled to Orissa, India;
  • as an extension of our ministry in India following the violent attacks against Christians in Orissa State, CFI also provides blankets, food and clothing to “forgotten” lepers in nearby colonies.
  • food, cooking supplies, warm blankets, and Bibles to Christians suffering in the brickyards of Pakistan, where entire families are forced to work long, grueling hours — day after day, year after year — making bricks in a hopeless effort to repay debts owed to Muslim creditors.
  • Blankets to homeless Christians during harsh cold spells in Bangladesh.
    For these desperate people — many of them families with young children — CFI remains in contact for support and assistance.

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