Sharing God’s Word


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Even in the face of persecution, Christianity continues to grow by leaps and bounds in many restrictive countries around the world — a trend which has increased the demand for Bibles in these nations like never before.

Under the cover of darkness, persecuted believers have been known to walk for miles to obtain even a single copy of the Bible; others have secretly and painstakingly copied Scripture by hand in order to share it with fellow “underground church” members; whole communities sometimes share a single Testament. Millions of Christians continue to pray for the day when they will own a copy of the Bible for themselves.

CFI is reaching out to our persecuted brothers and sisters by helping to fill this enormous need for the Word of God. In addition to traditional copies of Scripture, many of our Bible deliveries are in the form of audio (mp3) Bible sticks. This is a particular blessing for the thousands who cannot read for themselves. Braille Bibles for the blind are produced and distributed through our outreach ministry in Bangladesh. Bibles, hymn books, and Sunday school materials for Christians in countries such as Burma, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Laos, Pakistan, and Vietnam are included in CFI’s ongoing Bible program.

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